A cookie is a very small text file placed on an internet user's computer hard drive by a web page server i.e. basically the computer that operates a web site.

There are basically four types of Cookies:-

Strictly Necessary Cookies which are essential for running a website e.g. a cookie that remembers items stored in an online shopping basket.

Performance Cookies which record anonymous data to show how a website is performing e.g. most frequently visited pages of a website and how visitors interact with the website pages.

Functional Cookies which improve the functionality of the website for visitors e.g. details of a visitor's preferences such as the language or the fonts used.

Targeting or Advertising Cookies which help a website present relevant advertisements to individual visitors. These Cookies can for example record the number of occasions a visitor sees an advert and the effectiveness. does not collect personal data from visitors and only uses Performance Cookies to help improve visitor experience.

For more information about Cookies including how to control and delete them you can click on the following link:-

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