Friendly Society Names

Friendly Societies often have names which reflect their origins, and can fall into a number of categories, for example:-

---------- A place name or description:- Liverpool, Nottingham, Wiltshire, National, Scottish, etc.

---------- A product type:- Assurance, Healthcare, Annuity, Deposit, etc.

---------- An occupation:- Foresters, Shepherds, Teachers, Dentists, etc.

Other Friendly Societies however have adopted more general names such as Childrens, Compass, Family, Holloway, or names which reflect Cultural Links or Shared Beliefs and Interests.

Whatever a name may suggest, it is important to find out exactly what that Friendly Society can offer.

Friendly Societies might have quaint sounding names but in reality many are now large, national organisations providing member services to the whole population.

You can use this site and the links provided to research many of our most successful Societies. Visit their web sites, read about their products, enter competitions, etc. A number of Societies even arrange social events and support services. For people who are not familiar with Friendly Societies there really is a whole new world to be explored.

We hope you enjoy using this site to find out more about these fascinating organisations.

This site is an advertising directory only and does not offer advice or recommendations about any financial product or service what so ever. Please ensure you receive advice from a
qualified adviser if you are at all unsure of the suitability of any of the products or services shown. Details are provided in good faith and no responsibility is accepted for any loss
incurred as a result of using this site. Friendly Societies are welcome to contact us to arrange a listing.
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