-----------------------------So Many Reasons To Plan--------"Nobody plans to fail
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- but many fail to plan"

  Children are all our futures. As they grow their financial needs will also grow. The cost of a university education for example can now put a strain on many families. Often parents will want to help their children further, where ever possible. Perhaps a first car or help with a house deposit. The reasons are almost endless.
    People will have special times in their lives to plan for. Parents may well want to save for a daughter's wedding; and in this day and age when wedding costs are regularly shared, the parents of boys may not escape. Other people might want to plan for early retirement, a special holiday, or a host of other possibilities.  
  Ambitions are wonderful things but can cost money to achieve. Most people cannot just cease working to try and become say a performing artist, a professional golfer, or perhaps just realize a dream of spending a year travelling around the world. Having a 'nest egg' can make all the difference in making a dream a reality.    
    Family members can often help in times of crisis e.g.if parents are sick, injured or worse; but what of the financial needs; the bills still keep arriving. Life assurance, income protection cover and critical illness insurance are all examples of policies designed to provide money when there may be a desperate need.  
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